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Urmet FDi Easy Door Controller is a smart access control with a lot of functionalities to the user. It is suitable for houses, flats and small businesses. It is very easy to use, delete and register new tags and collect data such as entry history.

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Kantech controls are the most professional access control systems in the market. They are IP, they have numerous funcionalities and they can be controlled remotely via mobile applications. It can also be intergrated with Neo PowerSeries alarm system as well with ACTi and Brickcom cameras. With this way the user uses one software to control all 3 systems, on-site or even remotely.

There are different models for amount of doors that the client wants to control. For example KT-400 controls 4 doors and KT-1 controls only 1 door.


This system is suitable for businesses and corporations that highly value their premises' security. 

Founded in 1986, Kantech (part of Tyco Security Products) designs, markets and supports integrated access control technologies that are ready to use right out of the box. Kantech's solutions provide a compact, entry-level solution for smaller businesses while the EntraPass access control software combines with the powerful KT-300 or KT-400 door controllers to provide enhanced capabilities for enterprise scale applications.

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