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Why Armit Security?

We know why we love Armit Security - it’s a fantastic company, filled with fun, enthusiastic folks who have a passion for protecting people from crime. But why should you choose Armit Security? No matter who you are, where you live, or whom you live with, there is a reason why Armit Security is the right home or business security system for you. Armit Security can be customized to fit your home, your lifestyle, and your budget. But if you still need a few more reasons, we have them for you. Read on to see Armit Security is the perfect fit for you.

Valid Security License

Police License


Superior Technology

Our proprietary wireless security systems offer the most advanced security technology with built in redundancy; multiple central controls and layers of backup ensure that your system stays on, no matter what happens.
Armit’s Security systems are like having an invisible force field of security around your home, protecting you and everyone in it.
Our wireless security systems use advanced home security technology, interactive monitoring, and multiple layers of backup allowing it to continue to work even when there is a blackout, your cable is out, and your phone lines are cut. Unlike other security systems that use GE components systems so strong and so secure, the competition can’t come close.
By combining high-tech wireless technology, user-friendly controls and smart design Armit Security systems are uniquely designed to deter threats to your safety. 

Best Pricing
Armit Security is committed to giving you state-of-the-art services at an affordable price.  Armit Security has created a great customizable way to secure your areas in need. This allows us to keep our prices low whilst our quality standards high. 

Simpler Security
We also believe that home security should be easy for anyone to set up and use. After all, what’s the use in having an alarm system if you never turn it on? Our plug-and-protect wireless technology gets you up and running in less than an hour! No need for power tools or lengthy manuals. 
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